Hi !

My name is Gabriela, I’m 22 and I’m a travel addict. Living in Bordeaux, I have double nationality (French and Chilean), which always opened my mind to the world, as I was already joining my parents on holidays when I was a little girl, in Chili or other beautiful countries.

Since, I tried to keep traveling through different opportunities (holidays, studies, internships). I have this constant desire to go discover unknown countries, amazing people and new cultures, in short : to embrace life to the fullest through my trips.

Studying Business Management in Montpellier (France), I had the opportunity to study a year in Swansea (Wales). This unforgettable year allowed me to travel around Wales, England, and to make a road trip around Scotland and Ireland (and I intend to publish soon several articles about the United Kingdom that truly amazed me). I also could afford an unexpected but welcomed escape to Latvia.

This year, I came back to Chili to do an internship in Santiago, in events production. Despite several trips out of the capital during the weekends, the real adventure starts now, as I’m leaving for a 4 months trip around Chili, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. And because I never have enough of trips, I already planed the next one : I will fly to Cyprus, shortly after my return to France, in June.

I speak fluently French, English and Spanish; an undeniable advantage for my escapes around the world. With time, I hope I will multiply my trips and live my passion as much as I can.

Why this blog ?

Everything started with some friends who wanted to know more about my life in Chili. I thought it would be great to share my experience with them, especially during my trip through South America. Then I thought : why not sharing this adventure with more people ? In the future, I hope I can attract other readers and travelers, looking for their next destination or for tips and advices.

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See you soon on the road !